The world of the gym, sports, getting health whatever you want to call it can teach us a lot about business.


You wouldn’t expect to go to the gym, work out really hard and be fit for life  -Clinton Swaine-

In theory, we all get it. Building a business requires this concept we call work. This is just common sense. Like the gym, consistent work brings results. Even if you work out for 20 minutes 3 times a week you get results. The results are slower to materialize than if you went to the gym for an hour twice a day 7 days a week, but the outcome of a favourable
a result is a given.


The results you get in your business are the result of 3 factors:


Consistency  +  Intensity  +  Frequency

Assuming you are actually taking sensible actions. Consider your consistency, intensity, and frequency of effort. Who could help you plough through the aspects of your work that reduce your art? Who loves doing what you hate? Make a list of all these people and/or resources this can be your one-page growth plan. This is where you can see the step by step staged growth of your creative enterprise.


Let’s take writing a blog as an example. Rather than being an occasional blogger when the mood takes you, consider blogging once a week – consistently. Perhaps you want to do more in-depth, researched blog posts – intensity. Or you may wish to take on the 30-day blogging challenge and increase the frequency blogging every day for 30 days.

If you are not a blogger then how can you effectively communicate consistently your value to your clients?


P.S You have to be able to enjoy delivering this value. You can use social media a lot of it is still FREE or a very low monthly reoccurring cost. You have a guerrilla marketing video production team in your smartphone. Get creative and make it work.

When you think of it this way it all seems so obvious. However, far too many don’t have the consistency, intensity and frequency required to get the results they say they want. Ask yourself – honestly, are you really truly doing what it takes? You don’t need to commit to a huge variety of activities. Choose those which are key to your business success – then apply consistency, intensity and frequency to create speedier results. Simples.

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