Connect, Grow and Systemise your Creative Venture

Hi, I’m Lovelda Smith and Collaboration Club is my brain child.  I started this business essentially to support creative entrepreneurs like myself create systems and utilise tools to keep them in their zone of genius without the compromise.

As creative entrepreneurs, we seem to default to working alone.  This is a BIG no-no.

It’s like deciding to climb Everest and then working out all the steps to do that successfully by yourself.  Silly, right?

We need guidance from people who understand the way our creative minds work.

I thought, why is it so difficult to find the ‘right’ guidance at the right time? Why is it so expensive? AND why on earth should I experience all the mistakes myself?

What I discovered was with the right educational system (to plug gaps in my knowledge), trusted community (of like-minded individuals I could confide in) tools and systems (to operate and support my customers beyond the immediate sale) and a trusted mentoring structure. Things started to shift! Business became easier, more enjoyable and I was serving more people and making money doing so.

This is what we are all about here at the Collaboration Club.

Tools, Resource, Events, Information and a like-minded community.

Join our monthly Collaborate Forward event to brainstorm with other creatives.  Check out our Creative Resource Centre for jargon free knowledge.  Watch videos for simple actionable exercises to move your business forward.

Ta Ta for now

PS.  Got questions

Email me directly, you’ll probably find it gets added to our video library.