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How to Market A Startup – Advice from Professional Marketers

5 marketing genius's share their keys to startup marketing success. Topics include using Youtube, Live Streaming and Website SEO

15 Tools to Market your Startup with No Cash

Naming Your Creative Business

You are creative and imaginative, but nonetheless selecting a name for your business You are excited but still need to be sure not to be so imaginative so as create confusion. It’s tempting use

How To Start A Creative Business with NO Money

Starting a creative business can be tough. In fact, it can seem even tougher if you haven’t gone to business school and haven’t been taught business basics. To you, your business as an expression

LOVELDA BITES: Being Youreslf in Business PART 2 The Exercise

No one is you and that is your power! Answer these 3 questions and find out what is your greatest advantage over everyone else.   Subscribe

LOVELDA BITES Being Yourself in Business

YES, the world of business is a place where you must be professional, but NO, that doesn’t mean you have to become another un-informed robot in suit and tie. Watch this video and learn how

LOVELDA BITES: Ideal Customers and Why They Matter PART 2 The Exercise

This video is a pure gold! I will teach you how to determine your ideal customer (even if you don’t have any yet) and then adjust your business (marketing, website, products etc.) to them and

LOVELDA BITES: Ideal Customers and Why They Matter

Who is your ideal customer? If your answer is ‘I don’t know’ or ‘Everyone’, you MUST watch this video. It will explain to you why determining your ideal customer is so crucial but also how

LOVELDA BITES: Letting Go of What Hinders You PART 2 The Exercise

If you want to win in the race of business, you must know when to press the brake. Follow these 4 steps and easily get rid of things that hinder you. This will skyrocket your