Entourage is the ONE thing ALL Successful People have in Common 

Now It's time YOU got one!

  • I say 'Apple' - You think Steve Jobs
  • I say 'electric light bulb' - Your first association is Thomas Edison
  • I say 6x NBA champ Chicago Bulls - You say 'That's all Michael Jordan

Hi, I'm Lovelda. I'm a creative entrepreneur who is keen to spend most of my time in business doing the things I love knowing everything else is handled

You don't SEE the Whole Picture!

Your iPhone would never exist if it wasn't for Steve's partners, programmers, engineers etc. Edison's brilliance would be useless if his team didn't support and help him.  Michael wouldn't be considered to be the best basketball player of all time if he wasn't lucky enough to play with Scottie Pippen and other great players and coaches.

To be sucessful you need to develop collaborative, achievement driven supportive relationships

-Les Brown-

Never a truer word has been spoken in relation to starting your own business. 

With that quote in mind, and with a huge desire to help you take your creative idea to reality I created Collaborate Forward

This is a monthly event that gathers forward thinking Creative Entrepreneurs 

People just like you, who are ready to take their ideas to reality.  Creative entrepreneurs who have been struggling in silence to 'figure out' how to do business and don't want to give up their dreams.  Doing it alone isn't working, as relationship -centric creatives thrive in collaborative creative, authentic environments where our ideas can be safely explored and expanded.

Here we take your ideas and give them juice helping you build your own entourage with like-minded people.  We have a community of relationship-centric individuals, focused, determined and collaborative in nature and now you are officially invited to join it.

Ready to start having the IDEA you have realised in REALITY?

In my experience, creative entrepreneurs get stuck in the ideas phase.  I've lost track of the complaints like "I don't know which idea to start with", "I really want to make this work but there is just so much I don't know" OR "I don't have the money, I'll start when xyz is sorted"

During this event you will:

Grow your network

Get Feedback

Share an idea or challenge

  • Share a challenge or idea
    Only one, I know you have alot, but Rome wasn't built in a day and this business is going to take longer than this one event.
  • Seek input from the group - ideas, resources, experience
    Often there is something we are missing.  You've heard the saying "can't see the wood for the trees".  Impartial, uninvested individuals can give you a fresh perspective and breathe new life into an idea.  
  • Create a clear plan of action
    Just like a movie has a beginning middle and end, your idea will have a journey to it's eventual realisation.
  • Connect with like-minded Creative Entrepreneurs
    People are seldom successful without surrounding themselve with forward thinking, like-minded individuals.  There is a reason why our creative ideas seem to take a new light when we bounces them off others.
  • Build a Powerful Network
    Your network is broader than just the people you know directly, it also consists of those you know through others.  
  • Create powerful joint ventures
    With a little exploration, it's amazing how easily how a team builds.  

You are the Average of the FIVE People You Spend the Most Time With

This can be five of your friends, 9-5 employees who blame their bad 'luck' and the government for their problems and live paycheck to paycheck and are content for things to remain this way and don't even attempt to take their lives into their own hands.


These can be five of the Collaborate Forward visitors - creative talented and ambitious individuals ready to do whatever it takes to make their dreams become a reality.

Which option sounds better?

Which one do you think will result in you starting the business of your dreams?

What kind of people do you want to ‘hang out’ with?

We at Collaboration Club believe that within you is the wisdom to create the business of your dreams, but we also know that too often our fears, concerns, lack of knowledge and beliefs can form barriers which can be difficult to overcome alone.  

Worse yet, we allow our dreams to be distorted to someone else's vision of what is possible.  Realising that business isn't just about money but also about the creative process I decided it's time to stop the compromise, let's do business 'your way'.


Creatives: Collaborate Forward

You will have the opportunity to find Steve Wozniak for your Steve Jobs, team up your Michael Jordan with some Scottie Pippen to form a dream-team that  can help turn your amazing idea into a business, like Thomas Edison and his entourage did.

Every month, a team of action-oriented business owners will be making your life easier - doing everything from aiding you moving beyond limiting beliefs and fears to creating a success plan for the coming month.

Now does hanging out with those unaspiring 9-5 workers still sound like a good idea?

Let’s get you an entourage capable of turning your every dream into reality!

What People Are Saying About Collaborate Forward

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“...Honest and Practical Advice that Works.”

Lovelda is a brilliant business coach. She's full of wisdom and gives honest and practical advice that works. Every time I've worked with her, she's been able to create a shift in thinking and action to help me deliver better results... This is a unique gift and she's so down to earth about it! If you want to see improvements in your business or personal life, whatever industry you're in - this is the person to go to"

Temi Kamson
- CEO & Founder of The GT Scholars Programme

“Enjoyable, effective and deeply meaningful experience...”

“Lovelda is a smart, intuitive and creative business mentor. She has developed an enjoyable, effective and deeply meaningful experience (Collaborate Forward) I recommend for all entrepreneurs. In her Collaborate Forward workshop, I felt comfortable and taken care of. I received honest and encouraging advice as well as actionable feedback. No wonder she has a supportive community of amazing entrepreneurs and going from strength to strength! If you have not attended one of her workshops or masterclasses you are missing out!”

Christina Garidi
- Founder / Coach / Consultant at Eudaimonia Coaching
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“met so many talented and inspiring individuals...”

“In the Collaboration Club, Lovelda has created an open, supportive and constructive space for budding and established entrepreneurs to grow through collaboration.  

I have met so many talented and inspiring individuals and thoroughly enjoy the informal yet structured format which makes each session so productive and welcoming.

I strongly recommend to anyone, at any stage of their entrepreneurial journey to come along and experience it for yourself!

Denise Prentice
- Director, Creatrix Consultancy 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


A Few More Testimonials to Prove it Works for Real People

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“I often found myself dreaming big and loose sight of small details”

“I am no a regular at Collaboration Club and cannot express enough my gratitude for being part of this supportive community of entrepreneurs.

I often find myself dreaming big and loose sight of the small details that make a business work.  With the support of the mastermind, masterfully facilitated by Lovelda, I was able to gain clarity, focus and put light on details I never considered before.  As a result of this, I was able to systemise areas of my business that created more time and freedom in my life

If you are an "early stage entrepreneur" and want to create a business that works, Collaboration Club is the community designed for you.

Thank you Lovelda for all your support and expertise, I am looking forward to the next Collaboration Club”

Simone Vincenzi
- Co-Founder GTeX, TEDx Speaker & Author

“Opens your mind up to ideas that you'd never think of...”

“Lovelda hosts a very productive and informative Collaboration Club. It truly opens your mind up to ideas that you'd never think of on your own. As the saying goes two minds are better than one, well at these events you have multiple that Collaboration Club. It truly opens your mind up to ideas that you'd never think of on your own. As the saying goes two minds are better than one, well at these events you have multiple that feed into your project." 

Christopher White
- Founder Collative Pro
John Doe UI/UX Designer

Lovelda Smith
Creator of Collaborate Forward

About the Organiser

Buiness Commentator, International Speaker Coach & Mentor. As an interviewer and commentator, Lovelda has interviewed over 300 business owners including Rachel Elnaugh (Dragon on Dragons Den UK), Marjean Holden and James Eder.

Lovelda's coaching & mentoring style is to work with clients to unlock the inner wisdom. She effortless guides her clients to take the simple next steps to build the business they desire which serves their lifestyle. With her guidance, her clients have developed the confidence to sell, taken ideas to market, developed and launched products and launched in new market spaces. 

Very Interesting, maybe NEXT MONTH... 

You've got this far, but you are now thinking, this all sounds wonderful but I'm too early in my business. OR I need more time to get my act together first.  OR let me 'struggle by myself' for a bit longer first.  NOOOOOOO

Far too many people don't get the support they need.  They are too embarrassed to admit that this NEW thing they are learning is taking a little time.  So, their ideas stay on the shelf and they don't make any traction.  5 years later they are still talking about breaking out on their own, but they haven't made any progress.

Are you REALLY only a talker?

What would it take for the TIME to be NOW?

Collaborate Forward is designed for pre-startup and early stage startups.  In other, words it is created for you NOW.  The sooner you start the sooner your idea becomes a reality. Create your entourage and accelerate your progress.

If I told you that I can teach you how to do only the things you love and have confidence that all the other things (you don't love) that are essential are taken care of, would you wait?  OR would you say "count me in"?

At Collaborate Forward  YOU GET to: 

  • Refine your idea
  • Create a clear plan of action
  • Create your own entourage (team)
  • Build a network of people like you
  • Discover time saving tools and resources
  • Learn from other peoples exerpeience

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


P.S.:: The challenge creatives have is we need events where we can be ourselves, where we will be listened to and people take the time to get to know us.  We don't want to be told what to do, but we do need external input.  We need to know that people recognise that we love the creative process, but sometimes just need a little direction or spark our creativity.

We get that.  After all Collaborate Forward is created by a creative.

Yes, I want to start moving my idea forward now!