​​​​Lo​velda Vincenzi

Master of Ceremonies & Event Host

When you have an event and you're looking to create an experience...

Lovelda Vincenzi is a world class Master of Ceremonies with a background in event creation.  If you are looking for something different this year, then take a look at the effect Lovelda Vincenzi is having on audiences and event hosts.

Funny, Witty & Entertaining

​​​​Powerful Introductions

Lovelda is no stranger to well known names having introduced household names such as Monica Lewinsky (pictured here) as well as Senior Executives from organisations such as:

O2 Telefonica


Just Eat





Lovelda V​incenzi Reviews

Elizabeth Gabster

General Stage Manger at ChangeNow Summit

Dominic Liechti

Executive Director and President at Khan Labs

Santiago Lefebvre

Co-founder & CEO of ChangeNow Summit

Lenka Lutonska

Founder and Organiser of Extraordinary Live

Vicky Etherington

The Website Mentor

Caroline Newman

Co-Creator of Elevate Your Business

Harriet Waley-Cohen

Speaker and Coach

Katya Varbanova

Speaker at Extraordinary Live

Lorna Maskell

Organiser of Extraordinary Live

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The Art of MCing...

You would think it would be obvious and go without saying that an event host is a very different skill set to organising an event.

Let's face it, as an event organiser, you have a lot to contend with.  As an MC I enable you to set the tone of the whole event and support you to create an event that is seamless.

Why do I need a host... surely I can do it myself?​

Sure you could.  However, I have yet to find a duplicating machine that would enable you to be in two places at once.  The last thing your guests need is an overwhelmed, snappy organiser.

Take some pressure off, all me to help you make your event the success you envision.​

More Reviews...

 Elliot Kay 

 Strategist Speaker & Author 


I can highly recommend Lovelda as an MC and Speaker.  I have had the privilege of working with Lovelda and her delivery is second to none.  Her energy is infectious and she is absolutely mesmerising.  If you are thinking about booking an impact speaker or MC look no further than Lovelda

 Michael Ronayne

 Director at College of Public Speaking


Lovelda is a captivating speaker.

Her style is clear and uncomplicated and therefore easy to follow.  She manages to use her words to great effect to create memorable pictures that stay in mind long after she has finished speaking.

Andreas Voniatis


I had an enlightening experience being on the panel, which was without doubt made smoother and enjoyable by Lovelda.

She really engages the audience and gets the juices flowing. The next time I'm involved in a panel or being introduced to my next talk on SEO analytics, I hope it's Lovelda!

James Gill

CEO of GoSquared Ltd.


Lovelda has been the vibrant face of a number of events I've spoken at. With her professionalism and quick thinking, she's enabled these events to run smoothly, and has always shown herself to be confident and knowledgable. I'd recommend Lovelda if you're looking to run a tech focused event and need someone with energy and charisma to run things.

Sam Combe

Organiser of Sparks LSE


Lovelda kindly chaired the 2016 LSE sparks conference for us. She did a phenomenal job managing the audience and speakers, and I am eternally grateful. The conference really wouldn’t have been possible without her. 

I would strongly recommend her to all. 

Stella Fehmi

Owner Athena Network (West Essex & City Regions)


It is wonderful to have an MC who guided us in the right direction at every step and helped to make the Conference a huge success.

Lovelda did an outstanding job and I look forward to working with her again and again at one of my events, she exceeded my expectations in regards to service level and professionalism and I feel fortunate to find a person that can professionally stage our meetings, events and international conferences to make them an overwhelming success.

Everything came together seamlessly and effortlessly and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lovelda. 

Jenny Garrett

Award wining Executive Career Coach


Lovelda has a voice like velvet, an elegant demeanour and a sense of fun.  I witnessed her host the Migrant Women Conference with over  500 people present, she did this with a swan like grace.

Lina Bourdon

Independent Financial Advisor


I met Lovelda when she was hosting the Migrant Women Conference 2016 and I was extremely impressed with her. She researched all speakers well and introduced them brilliantly; she engaged with the audience and kept the agenda flowing smoothly.  She radiated confidence and charisma, she was professional and used humour.  Highly recommended!

Annik Petrou

CEO at Speaker Express


I recently MCed the FDC Young Designer Awards with Lovelda. She was an absolute delight and joy to work with. Her experience in running events was a welcomed asset in navigating the challenges of elegantly professionally presenting a fashion show. Lovelda's presence on stage is welcoming, powerful and energetic, I would recommend strongly her as a safe pair of hands on stage to guide your audience through your next event.

 Johannes Radrig

Head of Growth at Truly 


I met Lovelda at the World Growth Forum Disrupt London in Dec 16.  She was an outstanding moderator - full of energy, wit, humour and well prepared for the event.  No idea how she was able to turn the most cryptic audience questions into something plausible! Well recommending her for moderating any event.

Mulenga Agley


Lovelda chaired the World Growth Hacking Forum masterfully.  She was incredibly engaging and energised the room between each talk by building on the key points made by each speaker.  I highly recommend Lovelda for large scale speaking engagements and can guarantee she will add an immense amount of value.

Mirela Sula

CEO/Editor and Chief at the Global Woman Magazine


Lovelda was MC at the Migrant Woman Conference 2016 and contributed a lot with her talent to ensure a high quality day, connecting with the whole audience and managing the whole process in a structured way. Lovelda is very ethical and easy to work with. I would recommend her to anyone who is organising an event.

Philip Braund

Former Head of ITV News


Lovelda Smith is an excellent regular morning guest on an arduous two hours' live current affairs programme for Arise TV. She was able to talk with ease, confidence and knowledge across a raft of international affairs - as well as adding a good sense of humour to the lighter stories. She quickly grasp the geography of the television studio and her role in making valuable contributions. Very sharp, quick and unflappable.

Rely on me to...

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    Work with speakers, technicians and event organisers supporting them to deliver an event in excellence 
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    Introduce speakers, panels Q&A sessions etc.
  • check
    Host awards, auctions, fireside sessions and roundtables
  • check
    Deal professionally & calmly with unexpected circumstances
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As an event organiser myself I understand first hand the challenges of pulling off a successful event.  Hell, I was crazy enough to organise a Careers Fair at University (so yes, I get the pressure you are under to deliver).


Having appeared as a regular guest on Arise News (broadcast live on Sky TV), I understand first hand how to remain calm under pressure.  After all, there are no second takes for live TV.


I have impeccable testimonials.  I wouldn't trust someone as the face of my event I hadn't either seen myself or came with excellent recommendations and I wouldn't expect you to be any different.

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