Creative entrepreneurs grow their businesses faster with Collaborative Masterclasses

You are creative entrepreneur and you are looking to take your business to the next level but you don't want to default to working alone? With our Collaborative Masterclasses you will be able to grow your business faster and meet people who understand the way your creative mind works.

How these meetings boost your business:

  • Knowledge
    You will get the knowledge that you need to take your business to the next level.    
  • Growing your network 
    We keep our groups small so it will allow you to connect with other entrepreneurs. 
  • Achievable steps
    You will be able to translate all information into the real achievable steps for your business.
  • Connections
    You will connect directly with the speakers who are the experts in the areas you need to improve. 

Collaborative masterclasses are intimate events where you can interact directly with our experts who will walk you through, step by step, in your business and areas you would like to improve. 

As we keep our groups small you will be able to connect with other entrepreneurs who will help you to grow your network very quickly. 

What does it mean for you? Finally you will be able to create  your business dream

The collaborative masterclclasses take place every month in the centre of London.


C&B Lime Street
25 Fenchurch Avenue
EC3M 5AD London

Our next event

Planning your marketing on the budget by Vee Roberts
Tuesday, 24th Janury 2017

An effective marketing campaign with a small budget is not easy so how do you stop  your marketing expenses spiralling out of control?

Apparently, a whizzy website and flash business cards aren't always business critical.

So, if you don't have a huge budget but you want to launch an effective marketing campaign, then THIS EVENT IS FOR YOU. 

At our next Collaborative Masterclass event, the Multi-Award winning Marketing and Branding Expert, Vee Roberts, will be sharing with you the tools and techniques to extract the most out of your marketing on a shoestring budget.

Vee will provide you with the inspirational tips on how to promote your brand in order to assist you to maximise the impact of your marketing spend. You will find out how to allocate each penny to convert to explode your sales.

Vee will cover the following areas:

  • Campaign tactics that don't cost the earth
  • Creative budget busting marketing ideas that actually work
  • How to get more from your existing marketing spend
  • Marketing tools that your 'limited budget' can handle

If you are working on a startup idea or are already in business but have lost traction, join our next Collaborative Masterclass and receive practical, tailored advice from our expert to take your Creative Business to the next level.

About The Expert

Vee Roberts is a multi-award winning Coach and Mumpreneur.

Running more than one business, both as the Director of insight2Marketing and Founder of inspireUrBiz networking events, Vee regularly shares her knowledge on marketing, branding and social media as a Guest Speaker and Trainer.

Vee has over 22 yeas of experience in marketing and communications (including a doctorate). Her journey wasn't always easy and as a teen mum who started her career intele-sales she tenaciously worked her way up to Senior positions in marketing at BT.

Redundancy in late 2010 lead, Vee to take a leap of faith and start her own business with less than £100 using her knowledge of affordable marketing solutions to make it happen. She was able to grow her business brand online and offline successfully. And, she now uses her 19+ years of 'planning and hands on' experience to make it happen for other business owners too.

Her ethos is “Working smarter not harder, whilst remembering that baby steps are better than no steps”. To date, her success rate with business owners is excellent – rated 5 stars.

She enables businesses to refocus their marketing efforts in a way that will save both time and money long term. Many of the businesses she works with have seen a drastic improvement in their bottom line and also reported improved perception, better customer retention and increased sales.

Her clients come from a range of sectors including Commercial, Not-for-profit, Healthcare, Arts & Entertainment, Fashion, Hair & Beauty, Education and Tourism.

Snippet of Vee's Awards:

  • Star Awards - Community Champion (2016)
  • Back to Black Award Winner (2015)
  • REEBA Award Winner (2015)

​Our future events:


How to turn your words into wealth by Patrick Powers
21st February 2017

Event details coming soon...

About The Expert:

Patrick M. Powers is a master marketer, copywriter, influencer and expert on improving sales funnels to increase conversion and bottom-line.

In 2009 he founded of Entrepreneurs In London with just £70 and it has become Europe's biggest business meetup group now with almost 20,000 Members.

Patrick has a unique ability to find hidden profit potential inside a business and focus on the aspects that yields the fastest profits. He is a master at crafting the right message that attracts the right audience and get them to respond and as one of the most successful meetup hosts in the world he understands exactly how to influence and create a big following.

Patrick is also an author of several business books and a popular speaker. He has been featured on BBC, Forbes and is regularly being interviewed on some of the biggest business podcast shows in the world.

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