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Meet Your Host Lovelda Smith

You would think it would be obvious and go without saying that an event host is a very different skill set to organising an event.

Let’s face it, as an event organiser, you have a lot to contend with.  As an MC I enable you to set the tone of the whole event and support you to create an event that is seamless.

But, why do I need a host I can do it myself?

Sure you could.  However, I have yet to find a duplicating machine that would enable you to be in two places at once.  The last thing your guests need is an overwhelmed, snappy organiser.

Take some of the pressure off, allow me to help you make the event the success you envision.


Here are 3 simple reasons why:

  • As an event organiser myself I understand first hand the challenges of pulling off a successful event.  Hell, I was crazy enough to organise a careers fair at University (so yes, I get the pressure you are under).
  • Having appeared as a regular guest on Arise News (broadcast live on sky TV), I understand first hand how to remain calm under pressure.  After all, there are no second to takes for live tv.
  • I have impeccable testimonials.  I wouldn’t trust someone as the face of my event I hadn’t either seen myself or came with excellent recommendations and I wouldn’t expect you to be any different.


Rely on me to:

  • Work with speakers, technicians and event organisers ensuring they have what they need to be comfortable, happy and productive.
  • Introduce panels, Q&A sessions, speakers etc
  • Host awards, auctions and other specific types of events
  • Keep the event to time
  • Deal professionally and calmly with unexpected circumstances


Here is what others had to say

The recent Inspiring Migrant Woman conference at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel was hosted by the lovely Lovelda Smith and as attendees, we have been elevated ever since. It is wonderful to have an MC who guided us in the right direction at every step and helped to make the Conference a huge success.

Lovelda did an outstanding job and I look forward to working with her again and again at one of my events, she exceeded my expectations in regards to service level and professionalism and I feel fortunate to find a person that can professionally stage our meetings, events and international conferences to make them an overwhelming success. Everything came together seamlessly and effortlessly and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lovelda.

Stella Fehmi, Owner at Athena Network West Essex & City Regions
Lovelda introduced me at the Migrant Woman Conference 2016. In my line of work I have come across many speakers, event hosts and MC’s. Lovelda’s professionalism, dynamic approach and energy was refreshing. I would strongly recommend her as an MC/Event host for any event. Someone to definitely look out for
Ashish Pattni, Former Head of Marketing UK & Europe @ Success Resources
Lovelda did an amazing job MC’ing at a SocialDay Conference at which I spoke. She was brilliant with the Audience and her Speaker introductions were well prepared and excellently delivered. I would hire her to MC my Event and I think you should too!
John Colley, Six Minute Strategist
Lovelda was MC at the Migrant Woman Conference 2016 and contributed a lot with her talent to ensure a high quality day, connecting with the whole audience and managing the whole process in a structured way. Lovelda is very ethical and easy to work with. I would recommend her to anyone who is organising an event.
Mirela Sula, Founder/Editor in Chief of the Global Woman.co
Lovelda kindly chaired the 2016 LSE sparks conference for us. She did a phenomenal job managing the audience and speakers, and I am eternally grateful. The conference really wouldn’t have been possible without her.

I would strongly recommend her to all.

Event Organiser Sparks LSE 2016
Lovelda has a voice like a velvet, an elegant demeanor and a sense of fun. I witnessed her host the Migrant Women Conference with over 500 people present, she did this with a swan like grace.
Jenny Garret

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