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Our Partners

We collaborate with early stage enterprises from seed to Series A funding which are carefully vetted to drive innovation and growth.

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Punchy market a range of low calorie, premium soft drinks, which provide an exciting alternative non alcoholic beverage, as well as being ideal mixers.
Punchy were looking to raise £500k (EIS) to scale up production and support a host of new supermarket wins across the UK and Europe as well as to launch their new hydration range.

Through working closely with Paddy the founder for three months, we introduced value add investors with experience across FMCG and commercial to join their journey.

As part of this process, The Collaboration Club hosted an event for Punchy which was well attended with drinks for everyone to try!

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Maeving are the leading electric powered motorcycle manufacturer born in the UK. Their brand defines precision and quality with the core of their design revolving around a removable battery which has been a barrier todate to EV adoption. Two models have now been released with the RM1 and RM1S with more to come.

The Collaboration Club came on board when Maeving had £250k left of their £1m EIS funding round to support the launch of the new model aswell as international expansion into the US.

We hosted an evening of padel tennis to allow members to hone their skills and learn more about the bikes which everyone could see first hand.


We successfully supported Maeving by bringing on a collection of investors which was made up of both bike and sustainibility enthusiasts.

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Noetic are an AI-assisted platform, tackling the confusing journey of discovery, diagnosis, and support for adult ADHD, autism, dyslexia and dyspraxia. Their mission stems from the founder Ai-Ling's own challenges navigating the ADHD diagnosis process.

Noetic came to TCC via one of our investors when there was £225k left of a £700k pre seed SEIS round for the team to launch and scale their minimum viable product (mcp), including in house diagnosis.

Through working with our members, we identified a range of investors with both healthcare and scaling businesses expertise, who were delighted to support Noetic's  journey.




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